Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy and Blessed

Aaron and Alyssa were married October 24, 2009 in the Draper, Utah Temple

Such a darling couple!

It was a beautiful fall day.

This is in the courtyard at the Lion house. The reception was on the 3rd floor.

The updated family picture! I loved her fall colors.
Front to Back: Jayda (9), Marianne, Emylie (21 months), Aaron, Aly, Asher (3), Whitney
Julie, Dustin, Thom, Marilyn, Camilla, Trent

Momma's first boy got married. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always..."

Me and my sweetheart:)

Being gramma and grampa is the best. These are our sweet munchkins> Asher, Jayda and Emy.

Preparing for a wedding has kept us busy, busy, busy. But last Saturday as our family joined together to celebrate Aaron and Aly's marriage, we felt so blessed! The day was beautiful and Aaron's smile was worth more than all the gold in the world. Our family is among Thom and my greatest blessings and it was so nice to have everyone together to celebrate this blessed union.
We say that Aly was Aaron's best kept secret. They met each other on Christmas break, but because she was in Honolulu working on her PhD, we never really met her until she came home to Salt Lake in May, a short week before Aaron left for Alabama to start his new job. We decided to be bold and invite her to our family reunion in June. She agreed to come and the family fell in love with her. Little did we know, Aaron had already fallen in love with her and they were unofficially engaged! Shortly thereafter, they made it official, and the rest is history. Their new home is near Tuscaloosa, on beautiful, forested acreage.
Besides family, Thom and I are blessed with the dearest friends and extended family who helped us with the details of the wedding. With their help, the day was joyful and worry free. They did everything from making Aaron's tie (so that it matched the sash I made for Aly's dress), hemmed his temple pants, picked up food for the luncheon, set up and decorated for the luncheon and then stayed to clean up afterwards. We feel confident that earth is a bit of heaven when you have the blessing of good friends and family. The tears I shed on Aaron's wedding day were tears of gratitude for God's good blessings to me and my family.
I'll post pictures soon:)

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